Performance without shoes….

Some people believed that it was impossible to work horses barefoot in the UK because of our wet climate, but we’ve proved that it IS possible.

Its a bit more complicated, though, than just taking the shoes off!

Here’s a statement that may surprise you:
Horses with healthy hooves can work comfortably, without shoes, on even rough terrain, mile after mile, day after day.

Of course, many horses don’t have healthy hooves, and can’t manage this level of barefoot performance initially.  Some  may have been so compromised that they can never fully recover their hoof health…

…BUT hooves are incredibly dynamic, and can sometimes improve quite amazingly.

The most important thing for owners, farriers and vets to understand is that there are 3 main factors which affect hoof health:

Nutrition – the foundation for hoof health and performance

Environment and exercise – to strengthen and stimulate hooves

Trim – to balance hooves and optimise wear

If you get all this right, you will optimise hoof health and give your horse the best chance of achieving performance without shoes – even in the UK, even in winter, and even if your horse had TERRIBLE feet to start off with!

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