About Us

About us…

This site was started in 2004  as a way of providing information to horse owners who were interested in going barefoot.

It was set up at a time when there were (or seemed to be!) very few barefoot competition/performance horses in the UK.

Since then, the site has expanded to include horses belonging to many different owners, in almost every discipline.

Nic Barker is the author of the website, and is a UKNCHP Certified Practitioner and Field Instructor. She trained in natural hoofcare, originally in the US, and is the co-founder of UKNHCP, with Sarah Braithwaite.

She has written a book: “Feet first: barefoot performance and hoof rehabilitation”.

Nic events and hunts her horses barefoot on Exmoor. She has an established trimming business and has a special interest in equine rehabilitation.

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