Welcome to the Barefoot Horses website!

This site has been running since 2004, providing information and advice to anyone who is considering taking their horse barefoot (or who has already done so!).

We have hunted and competed our own horses barefoot for 5 years, and have taken hundreds of horses also successfully from shoes to barefoot performance

When we first started, it felt as if we were the only people working barefoot horses in the UK – now there are thousands of barefoot horses and dozens of websites!

We’ve given this site a thorough overhaul to bring it right up to date, and hope you find it interesting!

We’ve included lots of photos and video clips of barefoot horses in action.

You can also find detailed information about what is involved in taking a horse barefoot – its a lot more than just taking off the shoes!

If you need to find a trimmer, or are interested in training to become a hoofcare professional, we’ve included information about UKNHCP, and links to other trimming organisations.

Feel free to look around!

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